Why food?

Gosh. What a hard question that is. Really, no sarcasm involved. To foodies, however, the answer should be relatively simple. We eat, we like it, and we share. That’s about all there is to food blogging, really. Good food should be shared, just as how people share love, kindness and experience.

Food is an essential part of life. We are what we eat. Without food, there would be no us. Yet without us, there would also be no food. And when we say food, we mean the gourmet type. Delectables. Cuisine. We are linked interminably. Why should we not pause to contemplate and appreciate our building blocks?

So this is the blog of two student foodies. Hopefully we can achieve our target: the spread of good food. Well, maybe, if someone, a complete stranger comes up to us and says, “Hey, saw your blog! Posts were great!” then I would say we have achieved our goal.

Hence, read on!

Your bloggers,

Matt and Jack.