The Cheesecake Cafe

Very nice and compact box.

It was a Saturday night, we (Mathew and I) finished bringing the Aussies (from Kings School) around Singapore for a food tour. The tour was fantastic; we tried lots of good food in Old Airport Road for lunch, and finally some delicious spicy crabs from Long Beach for dinner. We chanced upon this place on our way home. Mathew says their cakes are excellent, I’ve never tried a decent cheesecake in my life before so i decided to give it a go.

The cafe is located at a really desolated place along East Coast, parking is definitely going to be a big problem (judging from the location). Really sorry, but we didn’t snap any photos of the interior of the cafe. Well, the place is really unique. I spotted a lot of Greek sculptures and European paintings, jazz was played through an antique vinyl player; very nice ambience for tea/supper.

The cafe was full at 10.30pm, in fact, there was around 10 people seated outside waiting for their seats! We had no time to burn, so we grabbed the cakes and kicked off. I went for the Oreo Cheesecake, Mathew went for the Tiramisu and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Not a pretty picture. Cake was kept in box for a good 2 hours.

Picture taken after chilling the cake for 2 days.

$7 of goodness!

A big spoonful of sinful cake!

Can see that the cheese used is really of high quality; the texture is simply amazing.

The cake is really good. Its texture is very soft and creamy, the thin Oreo crust is crunchy and flavorful. The cheese is really of very high quality; it is thick with flavor. The prices of the cakes are from $5.50-$7. Overall, I think its a great piece of pastry, great for an afternoon snack or a cheat meal to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Take 2: Mathew

So my internet is up again, and I’m here to share what I bought  that day. I first tried cheesecake from this shop a good five plus years ago when the shop just started up. It was really great cheesecake back then. But after a while, the quality deteriorated, so my family stopped going there to get cheesecake, and turned to Bakerzin instead for a while, but recently their quality also has been going down hill. As we Chinese say, 偷工减料. So I got Jack to come with me to try out the Cheesecake Cafe, myself having not tried their cakes for probably more than two years. When I got back home and tried the cake, I realised that the quality was back. Satisfaction. I was overjoyed to taste great cheesecake from this shop again, after all this while. Any way, enough of this drama, and back to food! What I got were a blueberry cheesecake and a tiramisu. Since the shop was the Cheesecake Cafe, no prizes for which slice won my heart. Easily the best cake in the shop, excluding specials (they do have monthly specials, and they can yield surprising results). So, first up, blueberry!

See that shiny blueberry jam? Yeah. Be jealous, cus’ I did eat that shiz. And man it was great. Real blueberry in there, not too sweet. The cake itself was great too. Not too cheesy (unlike jokes some people make), yet you could feel more essence in the cake than in any other I have tried in Singapore. My mom supposes that this shop uses a mix of cream cheese, the lighter Philadelphia one mixed with the heavier but less tasty Red Man (Singapore) brand of cream cheese to get this texture. Because the cake is not called “New York cheesecake” and is called “American cheesecake” instead, it probably uses a different recipe from most shops. Even the base is made differently, using much more crust to make a thicker base. Therefore, by my verdict, I pronounce this cheesecake the best since the past two years.

Tiramisu paled in comparison to the cheesecake, but it was still quite good (though maybe only their traditional cheesecakes would be worth the 7.50). Of course, I concede that it is hard to make, but I felt that the creamy and cake sections could have been matched better. They did not go the best together, as the two parts seemed a little separated from the other, and did not blend together too well. Though, still a nice cake overall.

Oh yes, and if you ever have luxury time to spare, or are on a date to impress, go down one night to the cafe to have a meal and cake. The decor is amazing. To the point that there is a “no photography sign” at the counter. But be warned, even at 10 there is a queue on a Saturday night, so try to pick a good time that suits you most. With that, ta-ta!

The Cheesecake Cafe

685 East Coast Road Singapore 459054
(Near Siglap Centre)

Eve P.H.
3.30pm – 12am
4.30pm – 12am
4.30pm – 12.30am
3.30pm – 12.30am
4.30pm – 12.30am

Food: 4.5/5

 Ambience: 5/5

 Service: 4/5

 Overall rating: 4.25/5

 Recommend to a friend?  Yes.