Fried eggs!

Cooking is really easy, well coming from a guy, it must be really simple! There are many simple foods we can enjoy at home. All you need is a little effort, and a co-operative mum who is willing to clean up your mess.

Let’s talk about fried eggs. Everyone loves fried eggs. We eat those beauties every day. So what defines a good fried egg? For a sunny side up, the white must be firm and slightly moist, the yoke must be at least 90% liquid. In fact, many of us are cooking the egg wrongly! Most of the fried eggs I have eaten at restaurants/cafes, the yoke is a mere 40-50% liquid, and the white’s bottom is charred. A good fried egg, is really easy.

This is my own recipe, after several experiments, I think it works the best.

1.  Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil onto non-stick pan. Spread the oil.

2.  Switch flame to Medium heat to cook the oil.

3.  When oil starts to sizzle, put 1-2 eggs into pan. Make sure egg is at room temperature. Crack the eggs with a spoon to avoid spillage.

4.  Lower heat to small.

5.  After a minute, put a few drops of olive oil on surface of egg.

6.  Season with salt and pepper. Add a dab of paprika if you like a spicy-tangy taste.

7.  Cover pan with lid. Wait for 2-4 minutes. (When there is almost no liquid white, the egg is ready)

8.  Shake the pan slightly, remove egg onto a plate.

The fried egg you get is perfect, combines magically with some bacon and toast. Well, if you can multitask, you can always pop some toasts into the toaster and grill some bacons while you cook the eggs. You will get a hearty English breakfast in the end!

Do try this recipe out and tell me what you think.