I love to eat. I love to eat anything, as long as it is edible and doesn’t taste like fermented camel urine. I once ate a live Alaskan Crab, I tried eating a live snail in Vietnam (tried!), I swallowed a 500g live oyster in one gulp.. The adventure continues.

I really wanna start a food blog to share with people my foodie adventure.

This blog will basically showcase to all of you guys all the exquisite food I like/dislike. I will try to follow the same format as Ladyironchef and iShootiEatiPost, but those blogs are ran by much more experienced reviewers, so please don’t expect too much.

I will be posting my first official review some time this friday/saturday.

I will keep my posts extremely informative and simple, I will stay away from those helluva chim 8-syllabus long words. My writing is not exactly as good as Dr. Leslie Tay or any of those famous food bloggers in SG, but I am willing to learn.(cliche much)

Do support my new project. 🙂

Jack Harvey