Toast Box @ I12 Katong


I really enjoy a good breakfast. I am a huge fan of the standard 11-course English Breakfast with a nice cup of Earl Grey, but a local breakfast set really delights me too. Toast Box is a little project from BreadTalk. It is a really fresh concept, bringing the traditional “Kopitiam Breakfast” into a well furnished cafe. The feel is totally different, it did feel weird sipping Kopi C in an air conditioned cafe.

I ordered Set 4, which comprises of their signature Thick Toast with Pork Floss, 2 half boiled eggs and a nice cup of coffee.

Thick Toast with Pork Floss

This is really really new to me. I am not a big fan of bread, I dislike having any forms of bread in my breakfast. The Thick Toast, is basically a huge chunky piece of toast, toasted till it is crisp. Pork floss is then sprinkled onto it, followed by a generous spray of sweet, tasty syrup. The toast is cut into little blocks(very thoughtful), 2 toothpicks are also given. Well, the Thick Toast did manage to knock me off my feet. The thick crispy bread, together with the pork floss, with the heavenly syrup as seasoning, is simple beautiful. The pork floss melts in your mouth, the syrup really brings out the sweetness of the floss. The toast is very nice, despite being thick and chunky, it is crispy through out. Rating: 4/5

Half boiled eggs

Like the typical half boiled eggs in the hawker centres, these eggs from Toast Box did not disappoint. What else can I say? Rating: 4/5


I am a coffee person. I mean, I do like tea, but coffee is just so damn good especially after a shit day in school. I really like Lattes, Cappuccinos are fine but I find them a little too creamy. The Starbucks Frappuccino is my top favorite, but it is really really expensive. Kopi C, Kopi O does not really interest me much, I find the flavor too strong and the coffee tastes “dull”. The Coffee from Toast Box is definitely Kopi C, judging from its taste. I find it pretty okay, the coffee taste is pretty dominant, unlike those Hawker Centres Kopi C where you can only taste the strong, thick evaporated milk. But still, I find the coffe lacking in taste and texture compared to coffee from the “big guns” like Starbucks and TCC. Rating: 3/5 

Toast Box is a really nice place for breakfast, it is a little noisy at times, but the food makes up for it. The price is also pretty affordable, sets are going at $4-$4.40.

Food: 4/5

 Ambience: 1/5

 Service: 4/5

 Overall rating: 4/5

 Recommend to a friend? Yes.

112 East Coast Road,

#01-03 112 Katong
S(428802)Tel 6636 3186

Written by: Jack