O hai therr. Another one who likes omnomnom. O hai therr. Another one who likes omnomnom.

Mathew here. sic. Its one ‘t’, get over it people.

But that’s beside the point. I’m here to share Jack’s territory on food posts. One is because I love food. Two is because I love food too, and I want to share this love. Other points also include lovin’ food and its variations.

Rest assured. There will not be Macs (pun-if-you-geddit) on this blog, but only the best of the best. A ton of bull, but it means I will try to keep up a standard. Posts will probably include the best of Singapore delights like laksa, fried carrot cake and wantan mee just to name a few, to the more worldly, like Thai, Jap or Indian cuisine.

If anything, I just wish to share my own opinion on what I have eaten. Postswill be biased. They will be divergent. Yet, if you see past the differences, we could probably be the best of friends on the subject of food. Remember, little differences may make enemies, but big similarities make even better friends.

So it’s ciao for now! Till the first post!


of Jack’s fraternity.