Nihon Mura

ImageNihon MuraImageGreat use of traditional Japanese Art and furniture to create the atmosphere.ImageVery nice japanese ornaments. ImageInterior of the restaurant. ImageLoving the Chicken Karaage!ImageGreen tea ice cream. A little too creamy, but very nice.ImageInterior of the restaurant.ImageJapanese Art! ImagePlate of Sin! Ebi tempura, gyozas and chicken karaage! The Ebi is very nice. Chicken Karaage is pretty decent, a little too much batter in my opinion.ImageImageDish of the day. BBQ mussels with cheese and mayo. Simply heavenly. The mussels melts in your mouth, instant mouth-gasm guaranteed! ImageBBQ food counter.ImageJapanese Art again.ImageLots of Sushis and Makis!ImageKushiyaki and Yakimono! My 2 top favorites in Japanese cuisines.  ImageThe roast duck breast sushi is very very nice. Duck breast is tender, texture is very good.ImageBest Chawanmushi ever?! Very silky, melts in your mouth instantly. Had 3 servings of this.ImageMiso Soup. Taste is pretty good, not too salty. ImageSuper Sashimi platter! The swordfish and shrimp is highly highly recommended! ImageFOOD.ImageThe bacon sticks! Very nice, but I feel the aspragus is a little overcooked.ImageSushi platter! ImageSuper nice sushi platter! The salmon belly sushi is freaking good.ImageSashimi is really fresh.ImageSushi is very good. Top favorites: Salmon skin sushi, salmon belly sushi.ImageThe chicken sticks are really nice. The teriyaki sauce is very sweet, chicken is tender. Very nice.ImageTeriyaki wings! ImageAnother sushi platter. Salmon skin maki is really good.Image California roll with a twist? Lovely.ImageAll time favorite. ImageWide selection of food.ImageSushi conveyor belt.

Nihon Mura is officially my favorite Japanese buffet restaurant. The quality of the food is unbeatable. You have a behemoth amount of selection. There are up to 40 different types of Maki! This is a great place for quality Japanese food. The pricings are as follows:

Very affordable prices! Go and try it now!

Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Recommend to a friend? Hell Yes.

Address: Leisure Park Kallang, 5 Stadium Walk 397693

Written by: Jack